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Momentum Celebrates 18 Years

Posted on July 7, 2016

Momentum Celebrates 18 Years

Momentum, Inc. will celebrate the company’s 18th anniversary on July 7, 2016. Throughout the last 18 years, Momentum has expanded into new markets and regions, as well as increasing its charitable initiatives, which allows for much to be celebrated. Employees will get together for cake and ice cream on the anniversary to celebrate.  

In the last year, Momentum has expanded its size, officially reaching 60 employees and 10 subcontractors. This is an important milestone for the company that continues to grow each year.

Momentum was established on July 7, 1998 by Lori Daniels, Karen Sarabok and Steve Clay. Following employment at a large software development organization, the three shared a belief that a smaller organization could provide a higher level of quality consulting services to clients. Since its conception, Momentum has become an industry-leading Women Business Enterprise providing Management Consulting services throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and beyond, moving most recently into the mid-Atlantic region engaged at numerous Federal, State and commercial clients.

Momentum, Inc. is a Business and IT Consulting firm based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania specializing in Management Consulting, Process Improvement, Project Management, and Implementation Support.