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Performance Measures and Metrics

Problem: The Governor's Budget Office, Office of Performance Improvement (OPI) announced an implementation of a new policy surrounding the development and reporting of Performance Measures to the citizens of Pennsylvania. The policy included an overarching goal of aligning the state agency performance measures to defined objectives that will measure both outputs and outcomes. To prepare for the impending policy change, one of the state agencies needed to develop output and outcome objectives, define reporting structures, and establish internal policies, procedures, and processes surrounding the execution of the new reporting standards.

Solution: Momentum worked closely with management and accounting personnel to assess current reporting methods and gather requirements for internal policy/procedure changes. Additionally, Momentum worked with agency executives to develop strategic output and outcome measures that followed SMART goal principles. With measures developed, Momentum was able to offer recommendations for redefining reporting policies, procedure, and processes to deliver SMART-based performance measures to the citizens of Pennsylvania and, in turn, align to the OPI initiative. Throughout the effort, Momentum collaborated with the OPI to research and fully understand the implications of the impending reporting policy changes.

Strategic Facilitation

Problem: The Educational Resources Group of a State Education System needed facilitation and consultation to aid in the strategic direction of a System-wide virtual university.

Solution: In the six month project, Momentum worked with the Virtual University Blue Ribbon Committee comprised of key decision makers from all of the State System universities to gain consensus on what their collaborative e-learning presence will be. With all universities present, Momentum was able to utilize best practice facilitation techniques to allow for each university to have input into the direction of the virtual university while, at the same time, providing direction to keep dialog on task to meet the overall goals of each meeting. Additionally, Momentum provided support in the research and development of a Strategic Marketing and Public Relations Plan that was based on industry best practices and current practices of leading online universities. At the end of the engagement, the Blue Ribbon Committee successfully submitted a Virtual University business plan to the Chancellor of the education system and its Board of Governors that represented a fully adoptable Virtual University system for all of the State System universities and a strategy for statewide adoption by students and their families.

IT Balanced Scorecard

Problem: A leading health insurance provider that services over 20 counties in central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valleys for the past 70 years maintains an IT infrastructure that is diverse and complex, supporting a staff of 2,300 spread across several locations was in need of streamlining IT consulting objectives.

Solution: The provider contracted Momentum to assist in the identification, prioritization, and management of key projects to most effectively utilize IT resources and to add strategic value to the organization. Additionally, Momentum, being an experienced IT consulting firm, conducted Balanced Scorecard Team meetings to document Values, Vision and Strategies and mapped IT Department initiatives to achieve specific Objectives. They built on their efforts by guiding the team through the development and refinement of Objectives and Measures related to Strategies, and identified existing initiatives that do not support strategic objectives. With Momentum's support, the provider successfully implemented a Balanced Scorecard that can be consistently applied to the IT organization to effectively manage the execution of IT strategies. Additionally, objectives and measures can be used by IT management to frequently and accurately assess progress towards the execution of IT strategies.