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Uniform Voter Registry

Problem: A Pennsylvania state agency wanted an additional voter registration system that could be shared with county voter registration offices that would allow them to access data and perform basic voter registration functions from any PC. A similar portal provides an interface that can be used by the state agency. The client also wanted a web portal through which PA residents can register to vote and perform other voter registration functions, see their own voter record, and view voter registration information.

Solution: Momentum, Inc. was awarded an Independent Verification and Validation contract to review the voter registration software application. This systems analysis provided independent monitoring and an assessment of the system's throughput and performance levels. The review encompassed three iterative performance test cycles and served as input for process and performance improvement. Findings were utilized to make recommendations to the PA Legislature about the viability of the current initiative. Momentum provided project management and quality management for this project. The client maintains a statewide database of registered voters, with a licensed system, which counties use to access that data.

Home and Community Services Information System

Problem: A state agency was in need of a firm to develop, implement, manage and provide training for their community services information system. This system provides increased program support for disabled citizens by utilizing the internet. Momentum is helping to facilitate this change through on-going training support.

Solution: In coordination with a large consulting firm, Momentum has provided ongoing systems analysis, application maintenance, and troubleshooting for the IT system beginning in 2001. Throughout the project, Momentum resources have analyzed and documented system requirements that support the design and development of software tools and subsystems. They have interpreted software requirements, designed specifications to code, managed software development and support (using formal specifications, data flow diagrams, and other accepted design techniques and tools), and integrated and tested software components. Furthermore, Momentum has provided business process review and performance improvement recommendations. Additional tasks include but are not limited to:

Benefits realized:

  • Estimate and track software quality attributes
  • Analyze and access equipment and performance degradation, including determination of hardware, software, and /or other technical changes necessary to meet operational requirements
  • Estimate software development costs and schedules

Enterprise Project Management University

Problem: The Enterprise Project Management University is a structured curriculum focused on Project Management knowledge areas. The curriculum is divided into three levels aligned with the Commonwealth's need for Project Management qualifications: Foundational, Advanced, and Executive. The formal training program prepares employees serving in a Project Management capacity the required skills to manage State agency projects according to the Project Management discipline.

Solution: A Governor's Information Technology Office was in need of a company to deliver its Project Management University courses in coordination with their Enterprise Project Management University. The EPMU training courses were focused on IT project management and techniques utilized in the planning and execution of IT solutions.

Momentum, Inc. worked with the Enterprise Project Management Office and administrators to develop the appropriate course offerings including both Commonwealth and contractor-led training. Instructors aligned existing coursework to current industry-standard best practices in Project Management as defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI). They also identified how best practices align with the Enterprise Project Management Methodology (EPMM) and delivered training to project managers and other Commonwealth staff involved in IT projects. For each training course, Momentum trainers created comprehensive participant manuals and PowerPoint presentations that focused on detailed Project Management topics.